Achievement Awards Guidelines


Throughout the year:
Collect the names of participants in our various branch recitals/competitions – preferably in alphabetical order to simplify the process of checking participation – as listed by teachers on their AA Recital application forms. Ask the various chairs to send you their list of participants.
Be sure a recital venue has been secured and is paid for in advance.


Verify that the venue is booked and that our MTAC Certificate of Liability is on file with them. Be sure to obtain early morning contact numbers in case nobody is around to open the facilities.

After all the applications are received:

  • Review the program budget.  Work within the budget constraints at all times. Chairs are encouraged to secure a $200 surplus.
  • Make a list of all participants. (A spreadsheet is useful. Using two columns – one for the first name and one for the last name, it is easy to alphabetize the list).
  • Verify that each student qualifies for the program based on previous event participation, Check the validity of the various musical periods covered, and make sure that the teacher has submitted the correct application fee.
  • Make sure that teachers have submitted the correct application fees. Fees have to be paid before students perform.
  • Order trophies and name plates within one week of the application deadline.
  • Check with Scholarship Committee if you need to have a plaque done for a Scholarship recipient….if so, place the order for plaque to be done and sent to you. You may also need to request to have a check processed (by our Treasurer) for an Awards Presentation….the board will inform you.
  • Check with CM Chair to see if there are Senior Medallion recipients that need to be presented with their medallions. Request the medallions be sent to you for presentation at the recital.
  • Collate all the information from the application forms in one combined spreadsheet to start developing the programs.
  • Start with the teachers’ special requests. Try to distribute each teacher’s students among neighboring programs. Avoid scheduling a large number of students from the same teacher in one program -preferably a maximum of 5 students.
  • Programs should be about 45- 50 minutes each.  Pay close attention to the performance times listed for each student. Allow for transition time between student performances. Plan on a 15 to 20 minute break between recitals. Allow a 45 minute of set-up time before the start of the first program. It serves as a safety period in case of a delay in opening of venue and allows time to receive and instruct the judges..
  • Divide the day into programs and shuffle the performers to achieve the best program order – mainly from young to older and/or from easy to advanced.  Difficulty of repertoire overrides the age but exceptions may be valid.  Try to start the program with a fairly secure beginner and end the program with a fairly virtuosic piece.
  • Notify each teacher of their student’s performance time and include a link for a map, details about the venue and parking
  • Type the programs and the cover page. The cover page will be repeated for each program and the individual programs (Program 1,2,3 etc), are inserted on the inside.
  • Programs can be printed on a home printer over several days or through a professional printer. Fold the programs and box them according to programs 1,2,3 etc
  • New since COVID: Programs should be forwarded electronically to each teacher for distribution to the participant families to allow them to print the programs themselves. This is a safer, more hygienic practice and is cost effective.
  • Organize the name plates according to the order of each program. Then attach the name plates to the trophies in this order and place the trophies in boxes accordingly, so that they can be removed at the recital hall and placed in order on a table in front for easy presentation at each performance. This trophy processing takes about three hours to do….so do not underestimate this particular job. Try to watch a movie at the same time to relieve the boredom…. Hint: it is much easier and less cumbersome to organize name plates than to shuffle trophies around.
  • If necessary, make signs to direct the audience to the recital hall.
  • Write a few words to use as an introduction and explanation at each program, of what the AA Recital is all about.
  • Write out a few words to be able to recognize all the CM Honors Students (ask them to stand) at each and every recital…explain the requirements and achievements of Honor Students. Also recognize the CM Senior Medallion recipients. Explain the requirements. This can be done by another willing teacher if preferred.
  • Write a short speech to recognize the Scholarship Awards students and present them with their awards at a program that suits them and their teachers…..check with the teacher. This presentation can be done by the President if preferred….or one of the Scholarship Awards committee.
  • Make one more last contact to be sure the hall will be open and ready in the morning.
  • Be sure to have to helping hands to get you started in setting up!

At the Recital:

  • Prepare the front rows for student performers; stickers (easily removable type) with performance numbers and student names. Students are seated in the front rows according to their performance number. Seat the students to allow for supervision of the younger, and sometimes restless, little students if possible. Have a helper teacher take care of seating the students as they arrive.
  • Set the trophies up on a table in the front for each program in the order of performances.
  • The announcer should be able to project their voice and be comfortable in front of an audience.
  • At each program –
    • welcome the audience and introduce yourself and co-chairs
    • explain the Achievement Awards Recital program
    • ask the audience to turn of all electronic devices
    • mention no videos or photos of unrelated  students and no flash photography
    • no exit or entry during a performance
    • recognize participating teachers – ask them to stand
  • At the end of each program, ask students to come up to receive their trophy and remain for a photo opportunity.

After the AA Recital:

⦁ A Financial Summary has to be completed within two weeks of the event. Submit the summary together with the teachers’ checks, to the Treasurer. Chairs are encouraged to secure a $200 surplus

This job can be split between four people to make it easier to handle.

  • One person to do the scheduling and make the students seating name tags.
  • One person to plan, type and print the program, do the signs and do the financial report at the end of the event.
  • One person to do all the announcements, presentations and introductions at each program.
  • One person to handle all the trophies and plaques and name plate orders as well as pick up the trophies.


2021/22 2020- 2021 2020-2021 2019-2020 2019/20  2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017
Budget Actual Budget Actual Budget Actual Actual Actual
Number of Participants: 34  COVID 
Income – no program
Registration:  $                1,900.00  $               792 $2,000.00  $       2,050  $       1,909  $         1,655  $       1,959
Other: (printing donation)  $                  45
Total Income:  $                1,900.00  $               837 $2,000.00  $       2,050  $       1,909  $         1,655  $       1,959
Hall rental   $                   575.00  $               100 $625.00  $           575  $            495  $          575
Printing (printing)  $                     50.00  $                  45 $110.00  $          102
Food  $                   –    $               9
Trophies   $                   750.00  $                   –   $850.00  $           744  $            843  $857* 
Total Expenses:  $                1,375.00  $               145 $1,585.00  $       1,500  $       1,319  $         1,338  $1,534* 
Profit/Loss:  $                   525.00  $               692 $415.00  $          300  $           590  $            317  $425*