This is one of M.T.A.C.’s most distinguished and recognized state programs. It is a program that sets goals in all aspects of music education such as performance, technique, ear training, sight reading and theory. The program helps guide a student from beginning levels through advanced levels and serves as a musical curriculum for private musical studies. Students are evaluated annually by a qualified, state appointed evaluator on a one to one basis, and given a written report. A variety of opportunities open-up for participating students such as: performances at the annual State Convention, Senior Medallion presentations to graduating seniors, Convention Honors programs for the top Panel students and ultimately consideration for the exclusive Young Artist Guild selection.

The Young Artist Guild is the highest achievement that a Certificate of Merit student can attain. The Young Artist Guild (YAG) offers semi-professional, paid performance opportunities to our most gifted young soloists through branch sponsored concerts. Each year a special YAG concert and a reception are held at the MTAC State Convention. This concert serves as a debut for the newly selected Young Artist Guild members. A student belongs to the Guild for five years and may be invited to perform at various MTAC branches throughout the state during his or her tenure as an active member. In some cases, the Guild also provides awards, scholarships and other financial support for its members.