VOCE Applications Guidelines



Branch Auditions Date:  January 30, 2022

further dates are not yet available

Applications November 1 thru December 1, 2021  Applications available on your Teacher’s Portal: new.mtac.org


Hasmik Kotelyan, Chair (allegrettoms@yahoo.com)

Susanna Zhamkochyan (zhsusanna7@gmail.com)

Riko Weimer (riko@justriko.com)



Competitive Solo – $50

Competitive Ensemble- $40 per student

Non-Competitive Solo – $35

Non-Competitive Ensemble – $20 per student

Applications available on your Teacher’s Portal:


Please refer to the VOCE Policies and Procedures on the State Website for further details.


Branch Awards: 

              • First place winners in all categories will receive a trophy
              • Certificates of Recognition will be presented to all participants

VOCE is a prestigious competition for vocalists, strings, winds/brass, and chamber music at the Branch and State levels. In 1971, cellist Gretchen Kuehny Geber and pianist Eleonor Dalton of MTAC’s San Fernando West Valley Branch created VOCE as a means of providing solo and chamber ensemble opportunities for students. The group was named for Vocalists, Orchestral instrumentalists, Chamber music, and Ensembles.

Applications are completed on the MTAC State website under Teachers’ Portal (new.matc.org).  Applications, enrollments, and fees for all VOCE events (Non-Competitive and Competitive) are run through the State Online System.

A non-competitive format is available for students who are not quite ready for competition, allowing them to perform for judges’ comments without being judged against other students.

The Non-Competitive track takes place at the Branch Audition level only.

The Competitive track progresses in three stages:

1. Branch Auditions

2. State Finals

First place winners of Branch Competitions advance to State Finals held at Chapman University, Orange, California.

3. Winners Recital

First place winners of State Finals perform at the State Convention in order to receive their cash awards and plaques.

VOCE is comprised of four broad Performance Categories: (1) Solo Voice, (2) Solo Orchestral Instruments, (3) Voice Ensemble, and (4) Orchestral Instrumental Ensemble. Each category is further split into Age Divisions with age limits that are determined based on the age of each student as of November 1 before VOCE Branch Auditions.

Teachers are prohibited from accompanying their own participating students at the State Finals but teachers may accompany their own students at the Branch level.

Memorization is optional for Non-Competitive branch auditions, but memorization is required for all pieces for all Solo categories for Competitive branch auditions.

First Place Winners will proceed to the State Finals and the winners at the State Finals will perform at the convention and receive a monetary award.

The State Finals will be conducted virtually.

Time limit is 9 minutes

Refer to the “VOCE Policies and Procedures” for the detailed repertoire requirements.

The same repertoire selection will be used for branch, State and Convention performances.


Dates & Deadlines: (2021/22 dates are not yet available)

November 1, 2020 Online System opens: Teachers enroll students in VOCE via the Teacher Portal at http://new.mtac.org > Teacher Portal > VOCE.

December 1, 2020 VOCE Applications must be completed in the Online System (Branches may set an earlier deadline if Branch Auditions take place in December)

December 4, 2020Parents must submit Proof of Age Documentation

December 10, 2020 Repertoire must be completely entered; Parents/Students must pay through the Online System by this date in order be enrolled in VOCE (Branches may set an earlier deadline if Branch Auditions take place in December)

March 5, 2021 Deadline to apply for VOCE State Finals and submit payment in the Online System

March 9, 2021 Deadline for VOCE State Finals payment March 19, 2021 VOCE Finals submission upload deadline

April 7, 2021 VOCE State Finals Results are posted in Online System

July 4, 2021 VOCE WINNERS RECITAL at MTAC Convention