Revised and approved February 2022
These Standing Rules and Guidelines shall be reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Directors.



1)  Each member will be asked, to contribute their skills to further the operation of our
branch organization. These contributions may include working on a committee, chairing
an event, offering their home as a venue for a branch meeting, offering their computer
skills, etc.

2)  It is recommended that each Hollywood Branch member attend a minimum of one
meeting per year.

3)  Branch information, meeting notifications and student event applications are distributed
through electronic newsletters and through postings on the Hollywood Branch website
( It is the responsibility of each member to retrieve this information
and process student event applications by the required deadlines.

4)  It is the responsibility of each member to accurately complete the required event
application form online and to submit payment by mail, to the relevant event chair within
the established deadline.

5) When entering students in performance events, teachers are expected to download a
Consent form (available on our branch website under Membership; Application Forms)
and keep a completed and signed copy for each student on file.

6) It is Branch Policy not to refund student registration fees after the application deadline.

7) Scheduling requests for student performances, are granted according to the discretion of
the event chair.

8) Teachers are expected to be present and actively involved with each event in which his/her students participate. The event chair will determine where help is needed and consult with teachers on how they can be of help. Teachers’ obligations will be related to and determined by the number of student participants from their studio. If a teacher cannot be present at the event, they will be given an assignment to help before or after the recital.



The Hollywood Branch prides itself in presenting events of a professional quality –

  1. It is the responsibility of each teacher to advise student performers on a professional approach to each event.
  2. Dress code guidelines and advice should include: Male – long dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes (no sports shoes) Female – a dress or elegant pants outfit, dress shoes (comfortable enough to pedal).
  3. Winterfest and Sonata Sonatina Competitions – students shall provide the judges with original music scores, opened at the pieces to be performed and with the first measure of each line numbered. No photocopies are allowed.
  4. Teachers are encouraged to review bowing and stage presence with their students. It is customary for students to bow before and after their performance.
  5. Students are expected to be on time for each event and to remain for the duration of the event. They will be seated in an assigned performers’ area, usually in order of performance.
  6. Audience members are prohibited from using flash photography or noisy electronic equipment during recital events. Video taping of your own student or child is allowed but should not include other performers.
  7. It is Branch Policy not to allow any student to test the piano before the start of event program.



  1. Membership dues must be sent to the State Office and postmarked on or before July 31.
  2. Membership dues postmarked after July 31 and checks dated after July 31 will result in loss of good standing and the automatic expiration and termination of membership, and such member
    must apply for a Reinstatement along with the applicable Reinstatement fee, in order to restore membership and good standing.
  3. To be eligible for Certificate of Merit participation, New Membership and Reinstatement applications must be accurately completed and submitted by the applicant to the State Office, postmarked on or before July 31.
  4. To be eligible for participation in all other State Programs, except for Certificate of Merit as stated in Paragraph 3 above, New Membership and Reinstatement applications must be accurately completed and submitted to the State Office, postmarked on or before October 15.
  5. Membership dues shall be waived for Life Members (Current and Past State Presidents). Therefore, the State shall pay any applicable Branch membership dues on behalf of Life Members.
  6. Membership Transfer Request Deadlines. To be eligible to participate in all State Programs, including Certificate of Merit, Membership Transfer requests must be submitted to the State Office between April 16 and August 31.
  7. Members may only enroll students in State Programs, including Certificate of Merit, within their State-approved discipline or instrument. For example, a teacher with a music degree in piano performance may enter only piano students in a State Program, unless the State has reviewed and approved the teacher’s educational training in another discipline or instrument.



  1. MTAC membership must be renewed by July 31st to qualify to participate in the Certificate of Merit program.
  2. All participating teachers must pass their CM Teacher Training Quiz before the end of October each year to enroll students for CM programs. Quizzes taken in previous years do not fulfill the quiz requirement for this year. Teachers can access the quiz through the CM Resources on the Teacher Portal.
  3. CM registration takes place online at Policies and deadlines are non-negotiable and errors in the application process cannot be corrected after the deadline. Timeliness and accuracy are of the utmost importance.
  4. During October 1-31, teachers will create applications for their students and correctly enter their school grade and CM level. All teachers must have their students added to their MTAC online roster and accepted by the parents before teachers can create an application. No late applications will be accepted.
  5. The CM payment period is from October 1 through November 5. Parents and Adult Students will log into their Online Portal to pay for the application. Teachers can monitor payment statuses by checking their student roster. If a student’s application is not paid by November 5 at 11:59 P.M., they will not be eligible for the Certificate of Merit® exams and the application will be deleted. If your student or their parent is experiencing technical difficulty completing the payment, direct them to the State Office at for assistance.
  6. January 15 is the last day to enter or update répertoire, submit a Change of Teacher request and apply for Convention Recitals.
  7. Teachers are required to read and abide by the MTAC State CM Policy as published on



  1. Committees, such as a Finance Committee, a Nominating Committee (every second year), a History Committee, a Website Committee, a Standing Rules/Bylaws Committee and any other committees needed, shall be appointed by the President to serve the Branch.
  2. Event (Recital and Competition) Chairs shall be appointed by the President.
  3. Event Chairs and Board Members will be expected, at the time of transition, to serve as mentor to the new incoming Event Chair or Board Member.




One half (50%) of the Spring Festival profit shall be put aside to fund the cost of Scholarship monies as well as Award plaques presented to students at the annual Achievement Awards Recital.

The Awards represent the following:

          1. Andrew Clemmons Scholarship Award – $200 scholarship plus a plaque
          2. Eugenia Munoz Clemmons Award – plaque plus $50 award
          3. Olga Balogh Award – plaque plus $50 award


  a. Branch Policies:

i. The following Branch members attend the convention in their roles of representing the Hollywood Branch. The board of directors will consider and vote on these attendance expenses annually:

President: Full “Early Bird” convention registration (plus an additional $450 every other year when the venue is in the North)                    
Treasurer: One day “Early Bird” convention registration (plus an additional $250 every other year when the venue is in the North)
Delegates: Full “Early Bird” convention registration (plus an additional $250 every other year when the venue is in the North)

ii. Delegates representing the Hollywood Branch, will be selected at the May Board Meeting. The number of delegates is defined by the State Office and is dependent on the total number of Hollywood branch members (usually 2 or 3 delegates are designated).

iii. Delegates shall familiarize themselves with the relevant State Office material and attend the convention business meetings to cast their vote as representative of our branch.

iv. Branch convention representatives and delegates will register for convention and request a refund (based on the “Early Bird” rate) from the Treasurer within 30 days of registering.

v. It is the duty of each branch convention representative and delegate to report back to the branch after the convention by means of a verbal or written report at the first General Meeting of the academic year.

  b. State Policies:

i. Any MTAC teacher wishing to attend and participate in Convention events must register for Convention.

ii. Teachers with students who are accepted to perform at the Convention, must register for the Convention and pay the required fee in order to attend the Convention and their students’ convention performances. Teachers who attend students’ performances at the Convention but fail to register and pay the fee, shall be sent an invoice from MTAC. If such payment is not made by the due date provided, the teacher’s students will be prohibited from performing at the Convention in subsequent years until payment is made, regardless of the students’ results or qualifications for Convention performance.

iii. Convention badges are required for all Convention events, except: Exhibits, Showcases, and the designated public recitals of VOCE, Piano Concerto and Solo, Young Artist Guild, Young Composers Guild, and Friends of Today’s Music programs.

iv. Students who qualify and are selected to perform at the MTAC Convention, must pay a participation fee per student per program. This applies to all Convention programs except Panel, YAG, YCG, FTM, or Concerto/Solo.


   1. General Policies:

a) The “MTAC Hollywood Branch” is the legal name of our branch. It is the name under which the Branch has been chartered and how the Branch name appears with the IRS.

b) Branch Tax-ID Numbers must be kept in a safe, secure place but accessible for Branch use.

c) All financial accounts should be established in the Branch’s legal name.

d) Printed Branch checks should bear the Branch’s legal name and should have two lines for co-signers

e) The Form 1099 is required by the IRS to disclose and report payments over $600 made for individual services (e.g. Branch CM Chairs, accompanists, proctors, performers, piano technicians, accountants/book-keepers, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Branch to prepare the Form 1099 for the recipient and the IRS. The Branch is required to mail a Form 1099 to the recipient no later than January 31.

f) All Branch Accounts shall require two signatures for withdrawals and checks – two of either the Treasurer, the Vice-President or the President, however one signature is acceptable for withdrawals and checks if the amount is less than $100.

g) The Branch President shall be notified of debit card withdrawals or payments over $100.

  2. Treasurer/Finance Committee/Board Policies:

a) The Branch Treasurer is responsible for submitting the Year-End Financial Report to the State every year by August 15th. The Year-End Financial Report must be completed and submitted electronically through the State website.

b) The Finance Committee shall meet annually before July 31st to conduct an internal audit and to assist the Treasurer in preparing the Year-End Financial Report.

c) The Treasurer, with the assistance of the Finance Committee, will present a Branch Budget Proposal to the board after the completion of the Year End State Financial Report (at the August Board Planning Meeting). The Budget will include individual Program and Event budgets.

d) The Meeting Minutes shall reflect all motions and decisions pertaining to financial or budgetary issues.
e) The Board will decide on future program and membership fees based on budgetary needs at their Board Planning Meeting in August.

  3. Recital and Competition Chair Policies:

a) All Recitals and Competition Chairs will be expected to attend an annual Chairs Meeting in September during which program budgets and policies will be reviewed.

b) Recital and Competition Chairs are required to submit their Financial Report to the Board and/or Treasurer within two weeks after their event.

c) Each Branch event should adhere to their program budget.

d) Disbursement requests over the budgeted amount must be electronically approved by the Branch Board before such disbursements are made.

e) Revenues from any branch event shall be forwarded to the Treasurer within two weeks of the event and before the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).

f) The Treasurer shall deposit revenues from any branch event within 30 days of receipt but before the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).

  4. Reimbursements Policies:

  1. ALL reimbursement requests must be submitted using an Expense Voucher available for downloading and printing from our website (Members Corner; Finance Forms). Original receipts shall be included with all reimbursement requests.
  2. Home copies will be reimbursed at 8 cents per black and white copy and 10 cents per color copy.
  3. Requests for reimbursement must be received by the Treasurer no later than thirty days before the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).
  4. The Treasurer shall reimburse expenses within thirty days of receipt of the reimbursement request, but before the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).
  5.  Recital and competition reimbursement requests shall be submitted to the Treasurer within thirty days after the date of the event, but no later than thirty days before the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).


H. RECORD RETENTION POLICY (as per State Office policy):

  1. Categories:
Category: Item: Retention Period:
By Laws Permanent
Motions Permanent
Board and Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes Permanent
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms 4 years
Finance and


Financial Statements 7 years
Auditor management letters 7 years
Check Register and Checks 7 years
Bank deposits and statements 7 years
General ledgers and journals, including bank reconciliations 7 years
Contracts and Agreements 7 years after all obligations end
General correspondence 4 years
Insurance Records:
Insurance Policies Permanent
Claims Made Permanent
Accident Reports 7 years
Claims (after settlement) 7 years
Software licenses and support agreements 7 years after all obligations end


2. Record Retention Procedures:

a) Electronic documents shall be retained as if they were paper documents, for the same amount of time specified in the above list.

b) Important Email messages should either be printed out and kept in a hardcopy file, or moved to an archived computer folder, along with back-up and recovery methods, which should be tested on a regular basis.
c) Emergencies: Branch’s records should be stored in safe, secure, and accessible manner. Documents or financial records essential for keeping the Branch running in an emergency, should be duplicated or backed-up regularly.

d) Document Destruction: The Branch President, in consultation with the Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer, is responsible for identifying records which have met the required retention period and oversee their destruction (e.g. paper-shredding service).

e) “Legal Hold”: Document destruction must be suspended immediately, even if the scheduled destruction date has passed in the event of a “legal hold.” The Branch President has the right to issue a “legal hold” notice, due to pending, threatened, or reasonable foreseeable litigation, audits, government investigations, or similar proceedings. Destruction will be reinstated upon conclusion of the investigation upon written notice by the Branch President.

f) The Branch President, in consultation with the Branch Board, shall periodically review these procedures to ensure they are in compliance with new or revised government regulations.


I. ANNUAL INTERNAL BRANCH AUDIT (as advised by State Office):

The Finance Committee will review the internal accounts and reports of the Branch Treasurer at the end of each fiscal year. This Branch Audit is for internal Branch purposes only and shall provide a secondary review for the Treasurer’s work to ensure accuracy. This internal audit will also assist the Treasurer in preparing the Year-End Financial Report to the State Association, due August 15.

Auditing Tasks (as advised by State Office):
1. Select a random sample of checks written (5-20) and examine the supporting documentation to determine the following:

  1. Each expense amount was charged to the correct account
  2. Each cost appears to be reasonable and necessary
  3. Review large income items to ensure that the amount collected from each member corresponds with the supporting documentation.

2. Check that the Branch’s policies and procedures for requesting and approving expenditures are being followed:

  1. Review each transaction for evidence that the required procedures were followed as per Branch Bylaws, Standing Rules and or written policies.
  2. Determine whether controls are working as intended, i.e. if each check is to be signed by two officers ensure that this is happening.
  3. If expenses are to be approved by the Branch Board, check that the Board minutes reflect this.

3. Check that Branch financial accounts, i.e. savings accounts, certificate of deposit accounts etc., are being reconciled monthly.

4. Review bank reconciliations for the period. Using the final reconciliation for the review period, determine the balance on the account reconciliation agrees with the financial reports.

5. Provide feedback to the Branch Board by using the Audit Worksheet



1. Website Maintenance:
The Hollywood Branch website hosting fee will be paid monthly

2. Program for General Meeting:
The Board will annually consider budgeting and scheduling programs to be presented at the General Meetings. The programs will be sufficiently promoted through information posted in the electronic newsletter and the Hollywood Branch website to encourage member attendance.

3. Advertising:
The Board will annually consider placement of an advertisement for the Hollywood Branch in the MTAC Convention Program Book. The Board will also consider other publicity options to advertise the Hollywood Branch.

4. Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance:
The Board of Directors will budget for coverage for the directors and officers of the Hollywood Branch as indemnification against losses or legal action.