Spring Festival Guidelines


Make contact with the college or school representative (where the recital will be held) to be sure it is booked. Be sure to obtain early morning contact numbers incase nobody is around to open the facilities.

After all the applications are received:
⦁ Make a list of all participants. (A spreadsheet is useful. Using two columns – one for the first name and one for the last name, it is easy to alphabetize the list)
⦁ Make a list of each teacher and her/his students and start placing the students into programs…..do the special requests first. A spreadsheet again, is most useful. Include the performance time of each student on the spreadsheet so that you can total the performance time as well as the number of participants for each program. It is useful to include a column with student ages too.
⦁ Programs should be about 45- 50 minutes each. Plan on a 20 minute break in between programs.
⦁ Make sure that the teacher has submitted the correct application fee.
⦁ Shuffle application forms to achieve the best program order – mainly from young to older and/or from easy to advanced. But try to start the program with a fairly secure beginner and end the program with a fairly virtuosic piece.
⦁ Notify each teacher of their student’s performance time.
⦁ Type the programs and create the cover page.
⦁ Programs can be printed on a home printer over several days or through a professional printer. Fold the programs and box them according to programs 1,2,3 etc
⦁ Participation certificates, ribbons, flowers or any other means of recognition for participation within your budget can be presented.
⦁ If necessary, make signs to direct the audience to the recital hall.
⦁ Prepare a short a welcome to the audience, to introduce yourself and to tell them a bit about the program
⦁ Make one more last contact to be sure the hall will be open and ready in the morning.
⦁ Be sure to have to helping hands to get you started in setting up.

After the Spring Festival:
⦁ A Financial Summary has to be completed within two weeks of the event. Submit the summary together with the teachers’ checks, to the Treasurer. Chairs are encouraged to secure a $200 surplus
⦁ Copy the Board on the Financial Summary.
⦁ Send a list of participants to the Achievement Awards Recital Chair