Chairs, Co-Chairs and Committees

Program Chairs and Committees 2022/2023


Fall Festival:

Chair:     Grigor Akopyan


Winterfest Competition:

Scheduling  Chair: Aroutioun Mikaelian –

Trophy Chair:  Aroutioun Mikaelian –

Committee: tba



VOCE is now administered through the State website, teachers’ portals on


Sonata Sonatina Competition:

Committee:  tba

Trophy Chair:  Aroutioun Mikaelian –


Bach Master Class:

Chair:  Dr. Svetlana Transky


Certificate of Merit:

CM is now administered through the State website teachers portals on


Baroque Festival:

Committee:  tba


Bach Festival:


Lieschen Bierstedt (


Spring Festival:

Scheduling Chair: Galina Berezovsky –


Achievement Awards Recital:

Scheduling Chair: Hasmik Kotelyan –

Trophy Chair: Aroutioun Mikaelian –

Administrative Committee:

Grigor Akopyan, Dr. Alan Oettinger, Jeesung Kang


Finance Committee:

Dr. Svetlana Transky, Dr. Alan Oettinger, Grigor Akopyan


Social Media  Committee:

Chizuru Sanada and tba.



Lieschen Bierstedt, Cesar Corona


Standing Rules/Bylaws Committee:

Dr. Alan Oettinger, Grigor Akopyan and Gloria Choi