This competition is open to any age group. Repertoire is restricted to any one movement of a sonata or sonatina from standard repertoire.  No arrangements and no repeats allowed. Adjudication will be based on the following age categories:  age 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, 16 and under, age 17 and over.  Performance time is limited to 5 minutes.

Trophies are presented to the winners. Winners from the previous year’s competition compete in a separate Winners Program

Date: January 21. 2018


Venue: LA Valley College

5800 Fulton Avenue Rm 106

Los Angeles, CA 91401

(Parking Lot B)


Application deadline: December 22, 2018

Chair:Hasmik Kotelyan(



Teacher’s Fee:                  $10.00

Solo Student’s fee:          $25.00

Duet fees:                           Same fee as a single solo performance plus an additional $1 per student